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Antica Friggitoria, for freshly-made doughnuts in Livorno, Italy

Freshly-made filled and traditional doughnuts in the heart of Livorno

Address: Via del Cardinale 9, Livorno
Postcode: 57100
Telephone: +(39) 0586 884571

Chebabberia artigianale italiana - 100% Italian kebabs!

Chebabberia artigianale italianaChebabberia artigianale italianaThe Chebabberia artigianale italiana is run by Elisa and Carlo, a dynamic couple who moved to Livorno to get away from the frenetic city life of Milan and start a new life, and business, here in Tuscany.

Having started out with takeaway pizza and Sicilian specialities (Carlo is Sicilian), they then progressed to making 100% Italian kebabs, having seen how popular this form of street food had become. Their great little shop in Via Roma grew into three different outlets and a popular thriving little business!

Surfer Joe - Livorno's only American-style Diner!

Surfer Joe's, Terrazza Mascagni, LivornoSurfer Joe's, Terrazza Mascagni, LivornoUntil recently, the name Surfer Joe in Livorno was associated with an annual surf music festival - the Surfer Joe Summer Festival - held by the sea in Livorno in the height of summer. Now though, the same organisation has opened a unique diner and live music venue right on the seafront Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno.

Black and white chequerboard floor tiles and aquamarine seating give the ample restaurant an authentic 50s US feel.

Torta di Ceci - a wonderful Livornese speciality

Torta di Ceci, a Livornese specialityTorta di Ceci, a Livornese specialityTorta di Ceci is the perfect street food! It's tasty, nutritious and cheap, and easy to eat as a snack on the move, or as part of a meal.

Torta di Ceci is made from chick pea flour. This flour is made into a thin batter and cooked in huge round tins in a very hot oven, preferably wood-fired. The resulting 'pancake' is sold by weight, and is traditionally eaten in bread as a 5&5 (“Cinque e Cinque”) which refers to the original value of the bread and the torta (5 old liras of bread and 5 of ‘torta’).

Ali Fast Food Kebab, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

takeaway kebabs

Address: Corso Amedeo 96, Livorno
Postcode: 57100
Telephone: +(39) 33874329078

Alle Vettovaglie

lunch & snacks Mon-Sat, aperitifs Friday evenings

Address: Scali Saffi 27 (inside the covered market), Livorno
Postcode: 57123
Telephone: +(39) 3477487020

Borgo Burger, gourmet burgers in the Borgo district of Livorno, Italy

gourmet burgers, local produce

Address: Scali Novi Lena 27, Livorno
Postcode: 57125
Telephone: +39 0586 374264

Da Tony, pizzeria, Livorno, Italy

pizzeria & torta in city centre

Address: Via Ernesto Rossi 15, Livorno
Postcode: 57125
Telephone: +(39) 3484420187

I'm Burger, hamburgers & wine, Livorno, Italy

gourmet hamburgers, local ingredients

Address: Via Pieroni 29, Livorno
Postcode: 57121
Telephone: +39 3442465007

Il Bocconcino, snack bar in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

snack bar and delicatessen

Address: Corso Amedeo 52, Livorno
Postcode: 57125
Telephone: +(39) 0586 896377

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