Olive Oil

Olive Oil is Good for You!

Drink Olive Oil!Drink Olive Oil!If you are in any doubt about the health benefits of olive oil, read on!

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all believed that olive oil gave them strength and youth.  Nowadays we know that they were on the right track.

Here are some of the most important properties of olive oil:

Olive Oil Treats on a Sunday Afternoon

Olive oil at the 2010 VerdeOro fair in Rosignano MarittimoOlive oil at the 2010 VerdeOro fair in Rosignano MarittimoLast year's VerdeOro Olive Oil event was so much fun that we just had to go back again for the 2010 edition. Despite a biting wind that pursued us all afternoon, the sun shone brightly over Rosignano Marittimo and the scene was chilly but cheerful.

Olive Oil Tasting

Years ago, when I first came to Italy, I didn't understand the fuss about tasting olive oil. Sampling pieces of bread drizzled with Tuscan Extra Virgin didn't really appeal to me. But in those days I still had a lot to learn!

Olive Picking in Limoncino

Olive picking with JessicaOlive picking with Jessica24th October 2010 The olive harvest in Italy is carried out in October and November and it is common knowledge that if you are invited to lunch by friends who have olive trees at this time of year, you will probably be roped in to help with the olive picking!

When I found out that my friend Jessica was in town to harvest her trees, I willingly volunteered to help, having never been involved in this very Tuscan autumn chore before.

Frantoio Il Casone Antico - traditional olive press in Vada, Livorno Province

Frantoio Il Casone Antico, traditional olive press in Vada, Livorno provinceFrantoio Il Casone Antico, traditional olive press in Vada, Livorno provinceVisit a traditional olive press and taste some delicious olive oil!

The Frantoio Il Casone Antico olive press in Vada (just 30 km south of Livorno) is one of the last remaining places to have both modern and traditional olive presses in full working order. Customers who take their olives to be pressed into oil can choose whether to use the old mill stones powered by steam, or the stainless steel aparatus that makes up the modern pressing system.

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