Wine and Olive Oil in Livorno Province

Vineyards near Bolgheri, Livorno ProvinceVineyards near Bolgheri, Livorno ProvinceProbably the two biggest treasures the Province of Livorno has to offer are its wine and its olive oil.
As you will discover by browsing this section of the Livorno Now website, there is a lot more to Tuscan wine than just Chianti, and the Province of Livorno produces some of the best Italian wines there are.

As for olive oil, there is no comparison to buying this ‘green gold’ directly from a trusted local producer, and Livorno Province abounds in olive farms that are a delight to visit even if you’re not looking for the olive oil itself. 
I can think of worse ways to discover and explore this province of Tuscany than through its olive oil farms and vineyards. Browse my articles dedicated to both wine and olive oil in the Province of Livorno to find out Olive oil at Rosignano Marittimo's olive oil fairOlive oil at Rosignano Marittimo's olive oil fairmore about these local products and the best way to find them.

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