Vinciguerra at Dubai Exhibition

Luca Vinciguerra's Stones Chair, Galerie Nationale, DubaiLuca Vinciguerra's Stones Chair, Galerie Nationale, Dubai24th January 2015 It’s always good to see a local artist enjoying success beyond the confines of Italy, and what better showcase for Luca Vinciguerra’s emblematic Stones Chair than the “Unreasonable! Objects of Desire” exhibition at the Galerie Nationale in Dubai?! The show, which opened on 12th January, is exhibiting several pieces of ‘art furniture’ created by prominent international designers, including Vinciguerra, who, in the words of the gallery, “have challenged, transgressed and […] renewed the reasonable theme,” and are destined to become “leaders of the new iconic design.”

In addition to his Middle Eastern triumph, Vinciguerra’s work is also featured at the “In My Secret Life” exhibition organised by Massimo Cotto and currently showing at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. The exhibition displays works of art by well-known figures from the world of music, including Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Ron Wood.

Galerie Nationale, Dubai, until 1st March 2015

Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, until 1st February 2015

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