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T.R.E.S. Tres Radio Express ServiceT.R.E.S. Tres Radio Express ServiceTres Radio Express Service are Roberto Luti (guitar), Simone Luti (bass) and Rolando Cappanera (drums). The three musicians began playing together in 1989, when they formed their first group First Experience, named in honour of Jimi Hendrix's Experience. The band played live at various Blues clubs and at important festivals, including Pistoia Blues. At the same time, the three band members were all involved separately in other music projects and bands, and as solo artists. In 1999, Roberto Luti moved to New Orleans in the United States, and the band split up. Roberto became involved with the Playing for Change project in which he and his brother Simone continue to play an important role, while Rolando joined the heavy metal band Strana Officina. When Roberto returned to Italy from the States the three musicians got back together, this time producing a better sound and a mixture of genres brought about by their separate musical experiences. They began playing and touring together again, releasing two studio albums and, a third album, Queen of the Water, released in 2016 and made possbile thanks to a crowdfunding project on Musicraiser.

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