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Livorno - Pisa Airport Bus Service

Pisa Galilei International AirportPisa Galilei International Airport

For the time being, the cheapest way to get to Livorno from Pisa Airport, and vice versa, is by using local transport:

By bus and train - there is currently work underway at Pisa airport to provide a continuous "Pisa Mover" train connection with Pisa Central railway station. This work is due to be completed in December 2015.

Local Buses in Livorno, Italy

buy bus tickets from newspaper kiosksbuy bus tickets from newspaper kiosksThere are 15 bus routes covering both the centre and outlying areas. Tickets cost €1.20 per journey and are valid for 75 minutes from the moment they are validated (on board the bus when you start your journey).

Tickets are available from tobacconists. There is a small yellow machine on the bus where you should stamp your ticket when you get on. If your journey involves taking more than one bus, or the bus plus funicular railway (Montenero), you only need to stamp one ticket at the beginning of your journey (as long as you are within the 75 minute limit).

See Livorno by local bus - route number 1

Church of San Jacopo, on the seafrontChurch of San Jacopo, on the seafrontBUS NUMBER 1

Starting from Livorno Railway Station, the Number One takes a straight route along Viale Carducci right down to Piazza della Repubblica, then down Via Grande (get off here for Via della Madonna and the Central Market area).

If you are already in the city centre and want to head out along the coast, you can catch the number 1 bus at Stop C in Via Grande, the first stop after Piazza Grande, as you head towards the port (cathedral on your left). The bus continues to the old Medici Port (past the Quattro Mori statue) at the far end of Via Grande. Here it turns left and follows the coast road south, past the Terrazza Mascagni and the Grand Hotel Palazzo. Get off here for the Fattori art gallery, a 5 minute walk along Via Forte dei Cavalleggeri. The bus passes the Church of San Jacopo and the Naval Academy, and then goes through Ardenza Mare and on to Antignano where it turns round at the stop called Miramare (next to the Baracchina Azzurra bar) to come back along the exact same route. (SEE ROUTE ON MAP BELOW)

See Livorno by local bus - route number 2

Villa Dupouy, Montenero, the house where Lord Byron stayed in 1822Villa Dupouy, Montenero, the house where Lord Byron stayed in 1822BUS NUMBER 2 & 2R

Discover Montenero

Like the number 1, this route also starts at Livorno Railway Station, but of course you can also pick it up in the city centre. It takes a longer route to get from the station to Piazza della Repubblica (SEE ROUTE MAP BELOW).

A.T.L. (Azienda Trasporti Livornesi)

Livorno's local bus company

Address: Via Carlo Meyer 59, Livorno
Postcode: 57127
Telephone: +(39) 0586 847111

Consorzio Tassisti Labronici, taxi company in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

local taxi company

Address: Via delle Cateratte 90, int. 6, Livorno
Postcode: 57123
Telephone: +(39) 0586 882020

Consorzio Taxi Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

taxis in Livorno

Address: Via Grande 203, Livorno
Postcode: 57123
Telephone: +(39) 0586 883377

Stazione Centrale di Livorno, Italy

Livorno's railway station

Address: Piazza Dante, Livorno
Postcode: 57121
Telephone: +(39) 0586 400456

100 Years of Montenero's Funicular Railway

The Montenero Funicular RailwayThe Montenero Funicular RailwayIn 2008, the Funicular Railway in Montenero, Livorno, celebrated its 100th birthday.

It was inaugurated on 19th August 1908 and was the first electric railway of its kind in Italy. Until 1963, it represented the main means of transport for Montenero, until the building of the panoramic road leading directly to the Sanctuary.

There are two trains running up and down the 656m track, each one capable of carrying 40 passengers. They can transport up to 580 people per hour.

Explore the city of Livorno on a guided bike tour

Bike tour of Livorno - Terrazza MascagniBike tour of Livorno - Terrazza MascagniBike tour of Livorno

Exploring Livorno by bicycle is the best way to discover and enjoy the city.

This simple sightseeing tour on two wheels lasts about three hours and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Ride past the city's most interesting sights and views led by an authorised English-speaking guide.

The city of Livorno is entirely on the flat and therefore very easy to get around by bicycle. 

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