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Livorno rowing team reshuffle

Rowing boats, or Gozze, lined up on the canalRowing boats, or Gozze, lined up on the canalIn 2013 Livorno's traditional rowing teams were re-organised, several of them being brought together under new names. There are now eight teams: four representing the city quarters that lie within the historic pentagon-shaped city designed by Buontalenti - Venezia, Pontino, Benci Centro and Borgo Cappuccini.

Antignano Rowing Team

The Antignano coloursThe Antignano colours

The Antignano rowing club (now part of the Livorno Sud team) was founded in 1932 as the Dopolavoro Moriani Antignano. In 1954 the ten-man team won their first Palio Marinaro, and in 1997 the Antignano four-man rowing team won the Coppa Barontini, the Coppa Risiatori and the Palio Marinaro

Ardenza Rowing Team

The Ardenza coloursThe Ardenza colours

The Sezione Nautica dell’Ardenza (now part of the Livorno Sud team) is one of Livorno's oldest rowing clubs. The club won its last ten-man Palio Marinaro in 1983 and the four-man Palio in 2004. It has also achieved victories in the Coppa Barontini, and the Coppa Risiatori.

In 2013 the club was incorporated into the newly-formed Livorno Sud team.

Benci Centro Rowing Team (Ovo Sodo)

The Benci Centro coloursThe Benci Centro colours

As far as the rowing competitions are concerned, the team continues to be given its familiar Ovo Sodo ('boiled egg') nickname by rowers and fans alike.

The Sezione Nautica Benci Centro rowing club has won the Coppa Barontini 4 times with the ten-man boat - in 1987, 1996, 2006 and 2007, the Coppa Risiatori 3 times with the ten-man boat – in 1986, 1992 and 2008, and the Palio Marinaro an astonishing 7 times with the ten man boat – in 1984/1987/1992/1995/ 1996/2006 and 2007. They were also the winners of the Palio in 2008.

Borgo Cappuccini Rowing Team ('Il Borgo')

The Borgo Cappuccino coloursThe Borgo Cappuccino colours

When the Orlando Shipyard was opened in 1865 on the site of the San Rocco Lazzaretto, the district underwent considerable social changes. Many hundreds of shipyard workers lived here and their marine skills were developed to produce many excellent rowers, port pilots, fishermen, swimmers and boat builders.

Colline Rowing Team

The Colline coloursThe Colline colours

The people of Colline have always been great sportsmen, excelling in particular in cycling. They first took part in the Palio Marinaro in 1951, when the Sezione Nautica Colline was founded.

Fabbricotti Rowing Team

The Fabbricotti coloursThe Fabbricotti colours

The Fabbricotti rowing club (now part of the San Jacopo-Fabbricotti team) participated in the minor Palio races from 1954 under the name of Rione del Fanale. After a long break the team made a comeback in 1973. Today’s Sezione Nautica Fabbricotti was founded in 1978 when the four-man boat came first in the Palio Marinaro and was promoted to the 10-man race for the first time ever.

Magenta Rowing Team

The Magenta coloursThe Magenta colours

The Magenta rowing team first took part in the Palio Marinaro in 1954 with the Origine team in four-men boats. It was later renamed Magenta -Origine and has obtained several good placings.

Montenero Rowing Team

The Montenero coloursThe Montenero colours
In 1951 Montenero participated in the organisation of the Palio Marinaro, contributing to the expenses and providing some of its own young rowers for those districts who needed them.
In 1973 Montenero formed its own team, and in 1979 the Sezione Nautica Montenero was established.

In 2013 the Montenero team became part of the Livorno Sud team.

Pontino-San Marco Rowing Team

The Pontino San Marco coloursThe Pontino San Marco colours

During the pre-war years the Pontino San Marco rowing team was a strong one, coming third in the 1929 Palio Marinaro, and second in 1938 and 1939.

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