Sandro Nullo Vincenzoni Sainati

Sandro Nullo Vincenzoni SainatiSandro Nullo Vincenzoni SainatiSandro Nullo Vincenzoni Sainati is a man of many talents. Composer of music, maker of short films and music videos, artist and performer, he claims to have been strongly influenced by the Dada and Surrealist movements. He is open to all kinds of music, from jazz, fusion and progressive rock to opera, classical and electronic techno-house.

During the '90s Sandro hosted various alternative radio programmes on local stations, in particular the programme Radio Utopia.

He has made more than 100 self-produced discs spanning two decades of musical development. His voice may be familiar to those who watch the TV documentary series Geo Magazine or the cartoon Saint Seya.


Genre: electronic, experimental

Recordings (a small selection from over 100):
Oscurità (1988)
Non C'é Niente (1988)
In Decomposizione (1999)
Ripiegature dei Percorsi di Mutagenesi Avanzate (2000)
Gli Otto che Cambiarono il Mondo - 3 cds (2001)
Immagine di Richter (2002)
Il Disco dell'Odio (2003)
Disdetta Firmata (2005)
AAA Renato Spagnoli Cercasi (2006)
Nullantologicante (2006)
Ho Entrata (2007)
Il Piccolo Null (2007)



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