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Via della Madonna - a microcosm of Livorno's cosmopolitan history

The Greek United Church, Santissima Annunziata, in Via della Madonna, LivornoThe Greek United Church, Santissima Annunziata, in Via della Madonna, LivornoVia della Madonna is a partly-pedestrianised street in the centre of Livorno, running between Via Grande at one end and the Scali del Vescovado, in the Venezia district, at the other, and divided in two by Via degli Avvalorati.

On the Via Grande side, the street contains three very significant old churches whose history reflects the cosmopolitan history of Livorno itself - the facade of the former San Gregorio Illuminatore, founded by the Armenian community in 1714, Santissima Annunziata (the Greek United Church) built in 1601, and the church of the Madonna (1607) with its altars dedicated to the French, Corsican, Portuguese and Dutch communities.

100 Years of Montenero's Funicular Railway

The Montenero Funicular RailwayThe Montenero Funicular RailwayIn 2008, the Funicular Railway in Montenero, Livorno, celebrated its 100th birthday.

It was inaugurated on 19th August 1908 and was the first electric railway of its kind in Italy. Until 1963, it represented the main means of transport for Montenero, until the building of the panoramic road leading directly to the Sanctuary.

There are two trains running up and down the 656m track, each one capable of carrying 40 passengers. They can transport up to 580 people per hour.

Amedeo Modigliani's Birthplace

Modigliani's birthplace, Via Roma, LivornoModigliani's birthplace, Via Roma, LivornoThe artist Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno on 12th July 1884. His birthplace at Via Roma 38 can be visited daily from 10th April to 31st October, from 10.30am to 12.30pm (except Easter Sunday and Monday, 25th April, 1st May and 15th August). Tickets cost €5 per person.

For further details, see the official website.

Explore the city of Livorno on a guided bike tour

Bike tour of Livorno - Terrazza MascagniBike tour of Livorno - Terrazza MascagniBike tour of Livorno

Exploring Livorno by bicycle is the best way to discover and enjoy the city.

This simple sightseeing tour on two wheels lasts about three hours and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Ride past the city's most interesting sights and views led by an authorised English-speaking guide.

The city of Livorno is entirely on the flat and therefore very easy to get around by bicycle. 

Getting a Buzz from Old Vespas

Marco Quaretta and his Vintage Scooter Workshop

Marco Quaretta and his Juke BoxMarco Quaretta and his Juke BoxVespa is the Italian word for ‘wasp’, and it was Enrico Piaggio - founder of the Piaggio factory in the province of Pisa -  who gave the scooter its name back in 1946, because of the high buzzing noise – like a wasp - that its engine made, and its unusual narrow-waisted shape.

A Life-long Passion for Vespa Scooters

Unlike other teenagers who eventually grow out of their love for their two-wheeled means of transport, Livorno-born Marco Quaretta never lost his passion for the workings of the Vespa scooter.

Green Bike - bicycle hire in Livorno

Green Bike -  bicycles for rent in LivornoGreen Bike - bicycles for rent in LivornoExplore Livorno by Bike!

Green Bike is a new bicycle rental service in Livorno run by Elisa Verde. It is situated in a central location, just a minute's walk from Piazza del Municipio, and offers flexible hire options, from 2 hours (from €7) to as long as you like! Elisa's bikes are all brand new and come with a sturdy lock. You can hire a classic bicycle, with or without gears, or a mountain bike. She even has a tandem for hire!

Livorno Aquarium - Katja Meier reports

Livorno Aquarium, Terrazza MascagniLivorno Aquarium, Terrazza MascagniNot just Cacciucco

Most tourists in Livorno will get their share of fish. Mainly in the form of Cacciucco, Livorno’s famous fish soup. However younger visitors to the city will thank you if they can skip the soup and observe a few living examples of the species at Livorno’s aquarium instead.

Looking for Something Different

Head to Villa Fabbricotti for a picnicHead to Villa Fabbricotti for a picnicBored with shopping? Had it with old churches and museums?! Try a different slant on Livorno!

If you are looking for something unusual to do during your time in Livorno, here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit Marco Quaretta's vintage Vespa workshop in the San Jacopo district
  • Check out an exhibition of contemporary art at one of Livorno's private galleries (see the What's On pages to see what is showing).
  • Seek out one of Livorno's talented designers - choose from artistic ceramics, reclaimed sculptures, murano glass jewellery, and lots more

The Strange Case of the Missing Historic Sights

The official, but misleading, Livorno city mapThe official, but misleading, Livorno city mapLivorno's tourist map lacks valuable information for visitors

The city of Livorno has dozens and dozens of places of historical significance, yet no more than five of them are marked on the official city map distributed by Livorno's Tourist Information Office to the hundreds of visitors that disembark in Livorno daily from cruise ships.

As reported by the Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association in the Facebook groups Salviamo l'Antico Cimitero Inglese and Salviamo la Chiesa Olandese, the official tourist map of Livorno is seriously lacking in valuable information that could, and should, be helping visitors to discover the city of Livorno and its history.

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