Pisa v Livorno 2-1

St Valentine's day is traditionally a day of love and passion. The latter was in abundance this weekend as the Derby between Livorno and Pisa took place. But there is little love lost betwen the two teams. Bill Shankley once remarked that football is more important than life and death and when seeing the emotion on the faces of players and fans, he was correct.

Because of the emotion involved, all fans, except for the Pisa season ticket holders, were banned from the game. It's not clear how financially penalising the teams will help the situation though, especially when Roma were allowed to go to Napoli, and Fiorentina to Bologna. The anger this caused led over 500 fans to march through the city on Thursday night in protest at the decision. Although symbolic, it showed they were not happy.These fans also followed the team coach as far as the police blockade on the day of the derby. Another similar protest was performed by the Pisa fans who boycotted the match and symbolically left their end empty.
Despite the restriction on tickets, an inglese still managed to see the game through a friend of a friend of a friend etc.Very Italian. The game itself was a typical derby with lots of tackles and not much skill. In these cases the team that wants it more wins it. Unfortunately, this was Pisa. The only players from Livorno who deserve any praise are Diamanti and De Lucia. Diamanti scored from a free kick, and De Lucia made several saves. Unfortunately, with the number of yellow cards that inevitably stack up in a derby, someone was going to get sent off. Unfortunately this was Diamanti. Coincidently, he misses the game with Bari. A real six pointer.

Mark Doidge, 17th February 2009

Livorno v Pisa.

I can't believe that cash strapped clubs choose to play their games virtually behind closed doors.Surely the police are trained to deal with trouble in the event that it actually breaks out.But worse it shows that they don't trust normal supporters to behave themselves.This is a real insult to everyday people who simply want to go and support their team.

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