Accademia Vocale Città di Livorno

Accademia Vocale Città di Livorno: Christmas Concert 2007 at the Teatro Goldoni, LivornoAccademia Vocale Città di Livorno: Christmas Concert 2007 at the Teatro Goldoni, LivornoThe Accademia Vocale Città di Livorno was founded in September 2006 by the Associazione Lavoratori Comunali di Livorno and a number of members of the Coro Polifonico Città di Cecina. The idea was to form a group of amateur singers to promote original programmes and high standards of performances. The choir master is Daniela Contessi and the group made their debut performance on home ground at the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno, and have also appeared in Rovigo and Ravenna for various events.

Corale Domenico Savio

The Corale Domenico Savio was founded in 1965 by Don Lelio Bausani who still plays an active part in the training of the chorists. The choir, which has 25 young members, has performed throughout Italy and abroad to great acclaim. Their repertoire ranges from Renaissance to contemporary music, with particular emphasis on polyphonic arrangements.
Corale Domenico Savio
Largo Duomo 1
57123 Livorno


Rodolfo del Corona

Rodolfo del Corona Choir, LivornoRodolfo del Corona Choir, LivornoThe Rodolfo del Corona Choir was founded in Livorno in 1984, named after the Livornese composer. The choir has between 12-16 members and boasts a vast repertoire which ranges from pre-Renaissance polyphonic pieces to contemporary music. Directed by Luca Stornello, the choir has won several awards including second prize at the 20th Franchino Gaffurio Choir Contest in Quartiano di Mulazzano (Lodi) in 2002. In 2007 the six male voices were chosen to sing at the opening ceremony of the 10th International Choir Festival in Alta Pusteria, performing in front of 99 different choirs from all over the world.

Springtime Choir and Cristiano Grasso

Springtime Choir, an inspiring performance at the Fortezza Vecchia, LivornoSpringtime Choir, an inspiring performance at the Fortezza Vecchia, LivornoThe Coro Springtime was founded in 1998 by Cristiano Grasso. The choir is made up of about fifty singers between the ages of 15 and 45. Their varied and original repertoire ranges from Gospel and Spiritual to Swing and Musicals and over the years the group has earned itself a reputation as a professional and entertaining choir, performing at important events in Livorno, such as Effetto Venezia, as well as numerous charity events.

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