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Address: Monica Musri BSc MA, Livorno
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Telephone: +(39) 347 5980735

Association for Juvenile Diabetes - AGD Livorno Onlus

The Associazione per l'Aiuto ai Giovani con Diabete Livorno is the local group of a national association which aims to offer support and information to families of children with type 1 diabetes (from 0-26 years of age).

Regular outings are organised for families of diabetic children, as well as summer camps around Tuscany.

There are about 60 cases of this kind of diabetes in the Province of Livorno. The first signs of the condition are considerable thirst, weight loss, tirednes and lack of bladder control. Although the condition is traditionally known as 'juvenile' diabetes, it can also affect adults.


The following numbers are helplines, in Italian, for various problems and emergencies:

  • Drug Addiction: 0586 888101 (Livorno number)
  • Child Abuse: emergencies 114; children up to 14: 19696 (Telefono Azzurro, 24 hrs), adolescents and adults: 199 151515
  • Woman Abuse: 055 4277493

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