Livorno's Music Scene

Indovena, Livornese bandIndovena, Livornese bandLivorno has an incredibly lively music scene covering all areas of music. There are music schools, choirs, classical groups, and many young local bands trying to make their mark, some of whom already have several cds under their belts. The problem for many of these young bands is finding places to perform, as that is one thing Livorno does seem to lack. These pages dedicated to Livorno's music scene include profiles of local bands, musicians, and choirs as well as all the music venues, schools, forthcoming events, and music-related businesses currently working in Livorno. If there are any I don't mention that you know about, please contact me

Music Lesson at Percorsi Musicali, one of Livorno's music schoolsMusic Lesson at Percorsi Musicali, one of Livorno's music schools

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