Livorno's first home defeat of the season

Livorno 2, Ancona 3
If I had a pound for every time that football had been described as a game of two halves, then I would probably have enough to buy a football club. Unfortunately the cliche is true for Livorno. The season is becoming a two halves as the skill, determination and concentration that led to Livorno being top in the first half of the season has seen them slip in the second half.

Likewise, the game against Ancona was a similar event. The game started well, with 2 goals for the Amaranto inside the first 20 minutes. Loviso scored a great free kick that Diamanti would have been proud of, followed by Cellerino's first for the club. The first half continued in much the same way with Livorno dominating Ancona, but without a further breakthrough. This proved the key. Defensive lapses cost Livorno dear in the second half. After an hour of play a lack of concentration led to Mastronunzio scoring two goals in two minutes. All the confidence was sucked out of Livorno after the first goal and in all honesty there was only going to be one winner.

Ancona finally got it 15 minutes later after another defensive error. It is painfully clear that the Amaranto are a one man team. Without Diamanti they lack the drive and creativity to win games. He has been missing for the last week, a week in which the team picked up 2 points from three teams much lower in the league. Surprisingly, the Amaranto are still 3rd and 3 points clear of Sassuolo, but with an away game at Brescia on Sunday, things aren't getting easier.

Mark Doidge, 23rd March 2009

Livorno 2 Ancona 3.

What a dreadful result.I didn't get chance to see any of the game so thanks for the comments Mark.Is Diamante due to return?Is Candreva still in the side? Mr.Acori has to show his managerial skills now and get this side going again.On the plus side Cellerino has scored and hopefully we'll see lots more.I've heard Dario Knezevic is surplus to requirements at Juve,would a return be welcomed? Too late for this season however.Time for Livorno to pull up their sleeves and show some passion!!

Forza Livorno!!

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