Livorno Lose at Home

Livorno 0, Modena 2

April the 25th is Liberation Day in Italy. This national holiday marks the liberation of Italy from the Nazis. Rising to the challenge and fighting the visiting invadors was sadly lacking at the Picchi on Saturday as Livorno fell to another home defeat, this time against Modena who started the game third from bottom.

The result shows Livorno struggling to maintain momentum, with a group of players who look tired and fearful. It doesn't help that Spinelli has threatened to sell the club should they fail to get into Serie A. This is unlikely to ease the pressure on already fearful players. Although the Amaranto played poorly, it should be made clear that Modena's keeper played incredibly well and he was the difference between a comfortable Livorno win and defeat.

Similarly, the fact that Modena scored with their only shot of the second half highlights the control of play and chances that Livorno had. However, the inability to convert chances has been Livorno's problem all season and this is when players such as Tavano should step up. Once again Diamanti was the orchestrator of everything good about Livorno and was rewarded with Livorno's consilation. He will have to bear the burden for the next game, away at Salernitana on Saturday.

Livorno 1 Modena 2

A dreadful result for the Amaranto and a dreadful performance also.Only Ale Diamante and Aleandro Rosi gave their best.They have carried this team on their backs.Both I feel will see Serie A football next season but possibly at other clubs.Only a miracle will see Livorno gain automatic promotion and to be honest I wonder if they really want to get in the playoffs.

Home wins against Treistina and Albinoleffe in the games remaining are a must if the playoffs are to be reached.Better still 3 points at Salernitana next game should ease the worry.But first the approach to these games from the other players in the team must change.There appears to be a distinct lack of enthusiasm from some of them most notably Tavano.This guy HAS to start scoring again as most of our chances fall to him.

I will be watching Manchester City in the English Premier League on Saturday but part of me will be with Livorno at Salernitana.I hope it's a good day.


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