Livorno Flooded!

Flooding in Livorno centre, 6 Feb 2009: Source: Il TirrenoFlooding in Livorno centre, 6 Feb 2009: Source: Il Tirreno7 February 2009 Livorno was hit by torrential rain yesterday, causing flooding in much of the city. 35 mm of rain fell in the space of half an hour, 75mm in two hours, making 6 February 2009 the wettest day in Livorno for 50 years.

The whole traffic system ground to a halt as the roads turned into torrents of muddy water and people stared in powerless astonishment at the scenes of disruption.

Damage includes the collapse of a wall in Montenero, the flooding of many shops and garages, as well as the archives of the Biblioteca Labronica library in Via Roma. Many roads were also closed, including the main 'Variante' trunk road in some points. The underpasses at Livorno's railway station were completely flooded with water, obliging passengers to cross the lines to get out of the station.
Several rivers are at dangerous levels.
All schools are closed today in Livorno to enable things to get back to normal. Despite forecasts of more rain today, the weather situation is looking much brighter. At least for now (1pm).
To see more photos of the flooding in Livorno, see the Tirreno website

I was there on this day. I

I was there on this day. I have never seen rain like it. In Firenze their was no rain, but returning to Livorno we had to get off the train at Livorno Calambrone station and walk the tracks. The station was still flooded 4 days later, though they'd cleaned up one underpass to use.

At the football the next day v Piacenza, late in the game the heavens opened once more. EVERY bit of me was soaked to the skin. It was great!

Livorno flooded.

Those pictures are amazing. My partner and I were in Florence last week and it rained hard whilst we were there. We didn't realise the damage in Livorno though. Hope nobody suffered too much.

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