High standards at the Gospel Festival in Fortezza Vecchia, 2 August 2007

Springtime Choir, an inspiring performance at the Fortezza Vecchia, LivornoSpringtime Choir, an inspiring performance at the Fortezza Vecchia, LivornoThe evening of music in Livorno's Fortezza Vecchia on Thursday 2 August 2007 kicked off with the immensely popular and widely followed Springtime choir directed by the entrepreneurial Cristiano Grasso. The choir performed a number of rhythmic pieces ranging from jazz to popular music, all in their usual enthusiastic and highly polished style. Excellent accompaniment by Massimiliano Fantolini on the piano and Gabriele on percussion (sorry Gabriele but I don't have your surname!)

The Rose of Sharon VoicesThe Rose of Sharon VoicesThey were followed by the African group, Rose of Sharon Voices, who performed several traditional songs, and the evening was concluded by the lively Joyful Gospel Choir, a group of local singers performing contemporary gospel songs to a very high standard. The solo singers were particularly outstanding.

The Joyful Gospel Choir, LivornoThe Joyful Gospel Choir, LivornoThe musical event attracted a large and appreciate audience and the Fortezza Vecchia formed a spectacular backdrop to the concert. We look forward to seeing more of the same in the near future.

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