Going to Pisa by Train from Livorno

Rowing boats, or Gozze, lined up on the canal, LivornoRowing boats, or Gozze, lined up on the canal, Livorno

I'm sorry but the information about getting to Pisa independently from Livorno is no longer available on the Livorno Now site. Now into its 10th year, the site is dedicated to promoting and providing information about the city and province of Livorno, an area that is sadly and unjustly not as well known as the rest of Tuscany.

I hope you will spend some time browsing my site to find out what the city of Livorno has to offer.

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Please follow these links for info about buses and private transportation, or if you need any specific information that you can't find, please write to me.

For information about the rest of Tuscany, please feel free to browse the millions of pages providing the relevant information elsewhere on the web.

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