I wonder if there is any possibility to go fishing on the sea by Livorno. Anyone with suggestions or experiences?

Best regards

Anders Jakobsen

Hi Anders, are you looking

Hi Anders, are you looking to hire equipment or do you want advice on the best places to go?

Hi Sarah,

I am very interested in off-shore fishing/angling in the sea and if you know of any good spots and places on the shore, I would like to hear about them . Preferably i would like to know if it is possible to hire a boat with a guide with local knowledge of where to go on the sea for fish. Is there a angling club in Livorno?

Thank you for answering my question.

Best regards



Fishing companion

Hey Anders,  cc.Sarah

I'm in someworth the same situation. I live in Livorno and would like to find places and company to go fishing.

I talked with some friends I have here and they say that it might be difficult to find guided boat tours, but places on the coast for fishing are there planty of. 

You name sounds danish, so am I.

 Best regards Sune

Hi Sune

Yes I am Danish too :o)

Me and my family are living in Denmark, but are very fond of Italy. We hope to be able to buy a summer residens in or nearby Livorno. This should later be the place for our retirement days. I have been corresponding with Sarah, who is so nice and helpfull, and we hope to come to Livorno in near future.

What are you doing in Livorno? How nice to hear from other danes in Italy.

Best regards


Hallo Anders,Sorry for the

Hallo Anders,

Sorry for the late reply.  Sounds very interesting you plans, and Livorno is a nice place. I have been here 5 months now, and enjoy it very much. I'm stationed here for a Danish ship owner company, and are going to be here for at least 2 years.

Sent me a mail, or find me on facebook, and I will give you some more info, there are also more danes with same interest as you and your family.

Best regads



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