Fire on the Monte Pisano

9th September 2009

8 Sep 09 Flames and smoke from Calci, on the Monte Pisano8 Sep 09 Flames and smoke from Calci, on the Monte PisanoI took these photos from the car on our way back to Livorno last night, on the main Florence-Pisa-Livorno (FI-PI-LI) road. The smoke rising from the hills behind Pisa - the Monte Pisano - came from yet another of several fires that devastated huge areas of woodland in the Pisa area yesterday. All the fires are thought to have been caused by arsonists.

The huge cloud of smoke rose above the setting sun, and was soon hanging over the north of Livorno. Two 'Scooper' planes and four helicopters helped to put out the fire, along with more than 200 firefighters, forestry wardens and volontary workers.

Smoke from Monte Pisano, rising above the sunsetAccording to local news sources, more than 200 hectares of pinewoods and olive groves - some of Tuscany's finest - were destroyed by this last blaze which mainly affected the municipality of Calci.

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