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Passionate about Tourism and Motorbikes

Federica TucciFederica TucciFederica Tucci was born in Livorno in 1973. She lives in Livorno with her long-time partner Antonio, and manages her own business, TFL Tours, which takes up most of her time and energy.

Federica started working in the tourist industry when she was only 20, accompanying groups of visitors on tours around Italy while also studying for a degree in languages at the University of Pisa.

After graduating in 1999, she continued working as a tour leader and later helped to set up and run a company organising various services for tourism. In November 2006 Federica founded her own company, TFL Tours, organising shore excursions for cruise ships and private tours for American and Canadian visitors to Italy.
She has built up a reputation for being professional and reliable, attentive to detail and available to answer clients’ queries twenty-four hours a day. The kind of services she offers can range from organising an expert tour guide for the Vatican Museums in Rome, to tours of several days taking in the most important sites in Italy.

Federica, when you are not working, what do you like doing?
I love travelling, although I don’t have that much time to travel extensively. My favourite way of travelling is by motorbike, although I don’t drive a bike myself. I prefer to ride as a passenger with Antonio up front! I enjoy watching films of all kinds, and taking photographs. I also love the theatre, especially plays by Pirandello.

How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
I hope I will be doing the same job as I’m doing now, with the same enthusiasm, but that my company will have developed much more, employing more people and maybe even allowing me to have more free time than I have at the moment.

What’s your pet hate?
I hate envy, falseness and pointless nastiness.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I like Dire Straits and U2 in particular, but I enjoy most kinds of music. The Italian singers I like most are Irene Grandi, De André and Lucio Dalla.

What’s your favourite place in Livorno?
The seafront, from Barriera Margherita and the art-nouveau style houses opposite the Naval Academy, right down to the Romito.

And in Italy?

And abroad?
I love Edinburgh. I’ve been there many times and it’s like a second home to me. I also love the town of Bonifacio in Corsica.

What do you miss about Livorno when you’re away?
The climate and the sea. Even though I don’t go to the sea that often, just knowing it’s there gives me a good feeling.

Do you have any favourite restaurants in Livorno?
Yes, I often eat at La Lupa, Il Rifugio and DOC.

Choose: Cacciucco or Triglie alla Livornese?
Cacciucco. There are too many bones in ‘triglie’, they make me impatient! My favourite Livornese dish is Riso al Nero – rice cooked with cuttlefish ink.

Choose: Ponce or Corretto al Sassolino?
Neither. I don’t like drinks with a high alcoholic content. And I hate aniseed (ingredient in Sassolino). If I had to choose one, I’d go for Ponce.

Choose: Bagno or rocks?
Rocks. In Quercianella or Chioma (south of Livorno).

If you could change something about Livorno, what would you change?
I don’t like the way Livorno always has an uncared for appearance. Even though things are done to improve the city, they always seem limited to small areas. The whole town of Livorno could do with a complete ‘restyling’.

Livorno’s best point?
Livorno is a good place to live in. It’s a pleasant and liveable area with no particular traffic problems.

Livorno’s worst point?
Considering that Livorno is the second biggest city in Tuscany, there is a lack of cultural events. In many ways it is just like a big village.

Finally, where would you take a friend on a one day visit to Livorno?
By day, to the central market - one of Livorno’s most interesting features - along the fossi and along the seafront. By night to the Venezia district with all its bars and restaurants.

TFL Tours is based in Via S. Orlando, 3A, Livorno. For further information see the company's website: www.tfltours.it

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