Espresso Coffee Story

22nd August 2009

In addition to spending a lot of time in front of my portable computer, I also tend to drink a lot of coffee. Inevitably I sometimes do both at the same time. This week I found out that this is probably not a good idea.

Taking a break from the cooking the other day, I sat down to check my emails, coffee in hand. Not just a small espresso, but a whole mugful! I don't know how it happened, but after only a sip or two, I managed to tip the mug of coffee all over my computer, hitting both keyboard AND screen and immediately putting the whole machine out of action. Panic. 

After cleaning up the mess, and turning the computer upside down to shake all the dark liquid out, I rushed to my friendly computer maintenance shop where they pulled a face, said they would have to keep the computer and that it would probably cost me at least 150 euros for a new 'inverter' (don't ask).

When I explained that I would first like to retrieve all my data, the man in the shop suggested removing the whole hard disk and handing it over to me. I was stunned, feeling as if a surgeon had just suggested a heart transplant on a close friend. It was somehow too drastic.

Instead I managed to plug myself into another monitor and save all my stuff on discs and pen drive. Feeling much better after that, I dropped off my computer to be mended, hard drive in tact.

I won't see it for a while, no doubt, and in the meantime will have to compete with the rest of my family for use of the 'main' computer in the house.

So - coffee and computers do not mix. Lesson learned.

Happy Ending

29 August 2009

Thanks to the quick work and efficient service at Seti computer shop, I now have my laptop back, with new keyboard and screen.

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