Effetto Venezia 2017

26 Jul 2017 18:00
30 Jul 2017 23:59

Effetto Venezia - quante bolle!Effetto Venezia - quante bolle!Livorno's annual summer festival, Effetto Venezia in the old Venezia quarter of Livorno takes place from 26th to 30th July 2017.

Diversis Gentibus Una.. - 'Of many peoples, one', the motto impressed on the golden tallero coin at the time of Ferdinand II, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1656), is apparently the theme of this year's Effetto Venezia festival which begins on 26th July. Here's a look at the few events that have some vague connection to the spirit of the theme:

Day 1, Wednesday 26th July

  • Tavolo delle religioni, Armenian Church, Via della Madonna, 6.30pm - "What religion has to say about prayer" [The Armenian Church, San Gregorio Illuminatore, was constructed in the early 17th century for the community of Armenian merchants]
  • BAGITTO, Palazzo Scali delle Pietre, Scali della Fortezza Nuova, 6.30pm. The venue is the old warehouse constructed by a wealthy Portuguese merchant for commercial use by the Jewish community in the 16th century, which is being opened specially for Effetto Venezia. The event, which takes its title from the dialect used by the Jews in Livorno, is a "poetic vision" presented by Progetto Artistico Libertà combining painting, installation, sculpture, performance and theatre.
  • United Food of Livorno - Ethnic Greek cooking, Central Market, 8.30pm, with Nikolaos Kakails and Donpasta [Livorno of the 16th-18th centuries had an important Greek community which left behind a huge patrimony including two churches and several villas]
  • Concert by students of the Mascagni music school, Palazzo Huygens, Via Borra 35, 9.30pm [the palazzo was built in 1705 for German merchant Antonio Huygens, a member of the Dutch-German nation of Livorno

Day 2, Thursday 27th July

  • Tavolo delle religioni, Armenian Church, Via della Madonna, 6.30pm - "What religion has to say about men and women"
  • BAGITTO (as above)
  • United Food of Livorno - Africa (as above)
  • Concert by students of the Mascagni music school (as above)
  • Guido Monaco Choir, Via Borra, 10.45pm - "Di popoli e di religioni" ...music from Greece, Sicily, Chile, Panama, Sardinia, France and Spain
  • "Ieri, oggi, domani", Bottega del Caffé, Viale Caprera, 9pm - performance on the theme of immigration by the Gruppo Toscana arte Giovanni March

Day 3, Friday 28th July

  • Tavolo delle religioni, Quadratura dei Pisani, Fortezza Vecchia, 6.30pm - Religioni, scontro o incontro", with Lucia Frattarelli Fischer
  • "Ieri, Oggi, Domani" (as above)
  • BAGITTO (as above)
  • United Food of Livorno - Romania (as above)

Day 4, Saturday 29th July

  • Literary café, Quadratura dei Pisani, Fortezza Vecchia, 6.30pm - presentation of the publication "La Città delle Nazioni, Livorno e i Limiti del Cosmopolitismo", with Andrea Addobbati and Marcella Aglietti
  • Tavolo delle religioni, Armenian church, 6.30pm - "What religion has to say about violence and non--violence"
  • BAGITTO (as above)
  • Under the title "LIVORNO DELLE NAZIONI", 10pm guided tour of the Synagogue, entrance fee of 5 euros. [certainly the Jewish population played a huge role in the development of the city, but all three of the events scheduled under this title are dedicated to the Jewish community, none to the many other 'nations' that worked and lived in the city]
  • "Ieri, Oggi, Domani" (as above)
  • Mille Culture - dance exhibition in Piazza dei Domenicani, 10.30pm
  • United Food of Livorno - Pakistan (as above)

Day 5, Sunday 30th July

  • Tavolo delle religioni (as above)
  • BAGITTO (as above)
  • "Ieri, Oggi, Domani" (as above)
  • Guided tour of Jewish cemetery, 10.30am (8 euros!!)
  • United Food of Livorno - Jewish food (as above)

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