Living in Livorno

Living in Livorno - What goes on behind the scenes

Popular weekend activity!Popular weekend activity!Living in Livorno on a long-term basis opens your eyes to what lies behind the city's most obvious attractions and places of interest. There are nearly 160,000 people living here, so to start with there have to be plenty of schools. All levels of compulsory schooling are provided for in Livorno, and although the nearest university is in Pisa (just a few miles away), a new faculty - the Polo Logistica - is situated in Livorno itself offering courses to do with port logistics.

Sagra del Cinghiale - Wild Boar Festival in Gabbro

Camilla Pagliaroli on Sagras and Wild Boar

Sagra del Cinghiale, Gabbro, LivornoSagra del Cinghiale, Gabbro, LivornoI can't believe it took us two and a half years to discover the abundance and variety of food festivals - a "sagra" - here in Tuscany. Everywhere you go you spot a poster for a sagra for this or the other food; anything from mussels or Cacciucco (the famous Livornese fish stew) to porcini mushrooms or pinoli (pine nuts). Some of them more famous and more organized and some so small that if you don't happen to pass the sign on the road, you might just miss them.

The Big Leap

Camilla Pagliaroli tells her story about moving from New York to Livorno

About two years ago it all started with a possibility. A Bologna connection, one that was a long shot. It put Italy on the map for us. So we started talking about moving here, about what it would be like to jump off the rat race into the slow lane. In the middle of life, and not wait till we retire. But we knew it was a very long shot so we didn't want to get too excited. What if nothing would come of it?

And that's when it hit me. All of a sudden I saw us a decade down the road, sitting back there in New York, wondering what our life would have been like had we taken the plunge and moved to Italy? And that's when you know, you just KNOW, you have to do it. Come what may.

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