Caritas Livorno

Charitable organisation of the Catholic church

Address: Via delle Cateratte 15, Livorno
Postcode: 57122
Telephone: +(39) 0586 884693

ANT Livorno - Associazione Nazionale Tumori

ANT Livorno, part of the national ANT association, is a non-profit organisation founded in 1978. The association assists cancer patients in their own homes, free of charge, a service made possible by private donations. About 3000 patients are given this type of care by ANT every day in Italy.

The association is also involved in cancer prevention.
In Livorno ANT can be found at:
Corso Mazzini 313,
57126 Livorno
Tel. +(39) 0586 211830
and at
Via G. Garibaldi 138,
57123 Livorno
Tel. +(39) 345 5246507

Fondazione ANT website

Associazione Amici della Zizzi, charitable association

The Amici della Zizzi Association was founded in 1986 by Riccardo Ripoli. It was named after Riccardo's mother (Zizzi) who died that year and who was well known for the work she did to help other people. The association aims to carry on this work by helping children from families in difficulty. In more than 20 years more than 500 children have been cared for by Amici della Zizzi in their two centres, one in Livorno and the other in Oretano (province of Pisa).
The association is run by voluntary workers, and they are always in need of extra help: people to play with the children, help them with their school work, people to cook and clean, to cut the grass, carry out maintenance work.  Anyone interested should contact Amici della Zizzi by phone or email.

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