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Socialising and Shopping

14th December 2008

Riciclato Circo Musicale performing in Piazza GrandeRiciclato Circo Musicale performing in Piazza GrandeThis has been one of those weeks that gallops by relentlessly, leaving you with a need for a long lie in on Sunday and only a vague recollection of what actually happened.

The Monday holiday on the 8th shortened the week, giving us a well-received long weekend before the starting gun was fired for the run-up to Christmas. It was a very sociable weekend, Saturday evening out for dinner at an agriturismo with my son Giorgio’s class, and Sunday lunch spent with my new friends from South Africa who moved to Livorno this summer.

Arrivederci and Good Luck to the Giusti Family

4th December 2009
From South Africa to Livorno to Australia

Anel and Giovanni Giusti, from South Africa to Livorno to AustraliaAnel and Giovanni Giusti, from South Africa to Livorno to AustraliaJust over a year ago, the Giusti family arrived in Livorno from far-off Colesberg in South Africa to start a new life here. Anel and Giovanni moved to Livorno with their three children Giovanni, Imola and Iva, to fulfil a dream they have always had of coming to live in Italy.

Back to School - Italian Style

18th September 2009
Livorno's School Children Broken in Gently after a Three Month Summer Holiday

Last Monday school children in Livorno (and most of Italy) went back to their classrooms after a break of more than three months. It was a particularly painful return to school due to a drastic change in the weather, the hot summer temperatures we had enjoyed here in Livorno up to Sunday turning overnight into torrential rain and thunderstorms, with the thermometer plummeting by more than 10°C! It was a fitting start to a new school year.

Bella Livorno

16th June 2009

I'm back again after several months of never finding the time or the inspiration to write my blog. I hope that I will have more of both from now on to make more regular posts!

Can We Get Back to Normal Now?

6th January 2009

I have several reasons to rejoice today. One very simple one is that I have just received a gas bill for ZERO euros. That is an absolute first, but I am suspicious!

Heart-lifting was the sight of the first Mimosa blossom this morning while I walked penitently around Montenero (trying, in my tatty tracksuit bottoms and trainers, to avoid the stares of the fur-coated church-going ladies). Spring in the air already? The mimosa is always the first to brighten up the early grey days of the year, but I have never seen one this soon before.

Espresso Coffee Story

22nd August 2009

In addition to spending a lot of time in front of my portable computer, I also tend to drink a lot of coffee. Inevitably I sometimes do both at the same time. This week I found out that this is probably not a good idea.

Taking a break from the cooking the other day, I sat down to check my emails, coffee in hand. Not just a small espresso, but a whole mugful! I don't know how it happened, but after only a sip or two, I managed to tip the mug of coffee all over my computer, hitting both keyboard AND screen and immediately putting the whole machine out of action. Panic. 

Fire on the Monte Pisano

9th September 2009

8 Sep 09 Flames and smoke from Calci, on the Monte Pisano8 Sep 09 Flames and smoke from Calci, on the Monte PisanoI took these photos from the car on our way back to Livorno last night, on the main Florence-Pisa-Livorno (FI-PI-LI) road. The smoke rising from the hills behind Pisa - the Monte Pisano - came from yet another of several fires that devastated huge areas of woodland in the Pisa area yesterday. All the fires are thought to have been caused by arsonists.

Football in Elba

18th January 2009

Football Pitch with a View, Capoliveri, Elba, Province of LivornoFootball Pitch with a View, Capoliveri, Elba, Province of LivornoIt goes without saying that football mums have to go to football matches to support their young players. I am no exception. When I found out my nine-year-old was playing on the Island of Elba this weekend my first reaction was to groan, knowing that the day would entail lots of travelling. 

Keeping an Eye on My Visitors

17th February 2009

I am thoroughly intrigued by the ‘hit counter’ that I recently added to Livorno Now. In fact, I’m getting quite addicted to it.  I opted for what they call ‘stealth mode’, making it all sound very sneaky and secretive,  but this just means the counter is invisible to all except me. I did this so that people visiting the site in January this year wouldn’t think I’d only had a handful of all time visits and immediately think it was a worthless site! 

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