Giacomo Guantini - A Livornese Writer Deserving Recognition, by Alessandro Ulivari

When I contacted Sarah, I thought to write an article related to some of the important artists that Livorno has produced in its history, especially writers and poets. In my e-mail I mentioned several important writers that unfortunately now are dead, and I attacked officially our local government because, in my personal opinion, it doesn’t do enough to keep alive the memory of these artists; letting also die the messages of their works.
After a long discussion with myself I decided to change the subject of my attack, because in Livorno there are even some young artists that deserve to be known and are completely abandoned by the same local government… in my opinion they are really heroes!
The Casini di Ardenza at sunsetThe Casini di Ardenza at sunsetOne of these young artists is the writer Giacomo Guantini, he is a Political Science graduate at the University of Pisa; during his experience as a student, he dedicated a lot of  time to writing and painting, he had also a room in the typical building of Livorno called the Casini d’Ardenza in which many important painters have theirs ateliers. Giacomo wrote about his experience as a painter in his first book La Terza Strada (“The third street”). In addition to the activity as a painter he also wrote many stories and poems winning also some local writing competitions.

Livorno Author inspired by British Songwriter

Stagione Nuova by Paolo PampanaSongs from Giles Foster’s “ Soul Contact” cd have inspired the romantic novel “Una Stagione Nuova”  that has just come out in Italy.

Simonetta Filippi

Born in Livorno, Simonetta Filippi came back to live here about ten years ago. She works as both a writer and an artist.
Her writing career began in 1997 with a contribution to Livorno's satirical magazine Il Vernacoliere. Since 2003 she has been collaborating with the literary website www.alleo.it run by writer Alessandro Agostinelli, and in 2005 she published a book of poetry entitled ‘Ingenuamente bibi...”. She has published two other books – Paranza (2007) and Water Journey (2008), both published by the local publishing house Erasmo Editore.

Valerio Nardoni, Young Livornese Author, by Alessandro Ulivari

It is not so easy to speak about Valerio Nardoni, because I met him just through his one and only book entitled “L’Uomo di Fronte” (‘The Man Opposite’) and the tales of our mutual friend Giacomo Guantini (a very clever writer, subject of  my previous article on Livorno Now).
Valerio Nardoni now lives in Florence and works in a publishing house (he is a translator from Spanish to Italian), but I think that Livorno is always with him. He can find it when he rummages in his pockets, in his pillow when he rests and thinks about the past, about his many experiences as a student, singer, painter, a man who learns to live using his mind as a weapon against the common life, against defeat.

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