22nd May - Santa Giulia, Patron Saint of Livorno

Image of Santa Giulia in the church of the same name, LivornoImage of Santa Giulia in the church of the same name, LivornoLivorno's Patron Saint, Santa Giulia, is celebrated on the 22nd May every year. Schools and many businesses close for the day, although bigger shops are usually open.

Coppa di Santa Giulia

The Coppa Santa Giulia takes place on the 22 May, which is the feast of Santa Giulia, the Patron Saint of Livorno. The race – 750 metres long -  takes place after dark and is divided into two distinct competitions, one for the 4-man boats and one for the ten-man gozzi. Two teams at a time compete against each other. The event is held on the canal opposite the Scali delle Cantine between Piazza della Repubblica and the Fortezza Nuova.

1st May - Labour Day

1st May is Labour Day in Italy, known locally as the Festa dei Lavoratori. It is an annual public holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from efforts of the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers.

Sagra del Baccello - Broad Bean Festival in Salviano

This annual Sagra celebrates the broad bean, or baccello, grown locally and readily available at this time of year. The Sagra takes place in the Livorno district of Salviano, and is a good opportunity to browse around market stalls, buy fresh local vegetables, and have a good value meal at the Sagra restaurant.

Broad beans are traditionally eaten raw, accompanied by a mild fresh cheese known as Baccellone.

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