14th February - Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts on Sale in LivornoValentine's Day Cards and Gifts on Sale in LivornoBy no means exclusive to Italy, St Valentine’s Day on 14th February – known in Italian as the Festa degli Innamorati (‘lovers’ day’) has become as commercial as it is in most places in the western world. But although the origins of this modern ‘celebration’ are unknown, it certainly takes its name from an Italian Saint – San Valentino - , or possibly two saints of the same name who lived at different periods in history.

Carnival in Livorno

Carnival in Livorno 2009Carnival in Livorno 2009The Carnival period in Livorno is supposedly shorter than in other parts of Italy because of a vow made to the Madonna in 1742 after a tidal wave hit the town. The Livornese promised to reduce the period of carnival festivities as thanks for being saved from the flood.

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