15th August - Ferragosto - ancient August holiday

Embarking for the island of Capraia in the Port of LivornoEmbarking for the island of Capraia in the Port of LivornoIn Italy the 15th August is synonymous with holidays and the seaside, but the origins of the Ferragosto holiday date back to ancient times. The term Ferragosto comes from the Latin Feriae Augusti, or August rest, and it used to be the time of year when people celebrated the end of the main farming work. Of course the 15th August is also an important date in the Christian calendar, being the date of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Premio Rotonda - Annual Art Competition and Exhibition

Premio Rotonda 2008, Images by Cristina ColombiniPremio Rotonda 2008, Images by Cristina ColombiniThe Premio Rotonda was founded in 1957 by Livornese artists Mario Borgiotti, Nedo Luschi, and Renzo Casali to promote art and sculpture. Every year more than 150 artists and sculptors take part in the competition which is held in the Ardenza district, in the pinewood at the Rotonda (by the sea).

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