Annual Events & National Holidays

A Festival of Food

Broad Beans at the Sagra del Baccello in Salviano, LivornoBroad Beans at the Sagra del Baccello in Salviano, LivornoFood, of course, features high on the list of priorities in any Italian community, and no less so in Livorno. Italian food festivals known as sagre take place throughout the year all over the province of Livorno, celebrating particular local produce.

A Tradition of Sailing and Rowing in the Port of Livorno

Coppa dei Risi'atori, June 2013Coppa dei Risi'atori, June 2013Some of the most important annual events on the calendar in Livorno have a definite maritime theme, reflecting the city’s tradition as a port and shipyard with its prestigious Naval Academy and its fishing industry. 

A Year of Rowing Races in Livorno

One of the ten-man Gozze used in Livorno's rowing racesOne of the ten-man Gozze used in Livorno's rowing racesLivorno’s division into ‘Rioni’ is never more heartfelt than during the city’s annual rowing races. There are three main races and several others,  eleven of them in all, beginning with the Coppa Gaetano D’Alesio (re-named the Trofeo della Liberazione in 2015) in April and ending with the Palio delle Circoscrizioni in August.

Music, Theatre and Art throughout the Summer in Livorno

Tinariwen at Effetto Venezia 2016Tinariwen at Effetto Venezia 2016Every year during the months of June, July, August and September there is a rich programme of events in the city of Livorno and the surrounding area.

Easter in Livorno - Chocolate Eggs, Dove-shaped Cake and Easter Monday Picnics

Spend Easter in the Livorno Sunshine, with whoever you please
There is an Italian expression which says “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”, meaning ‘spend Christmas with your relatives, and Easter with whoever you please’. In fact it is quite traditional for Italians to go away for the Easter holidays, perhaps to the mountains if there is still some snow for skiing, or to an agriturismo in the country.  Even if they stay at home, Easter Monday is traditionally a day when Italians get together with their friends for a ‘scampagnata’, a day out in the country with a picnic, weather permitting.

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