19th-century theatre in Villa Mimbelli19th-century theatre in Villa Mimbelli3rd April 2011 A friend told me about this little theatre, hidden away in the Villa Mimbelli park, so I went to have a look.
Looking very sad and abandoned, roughly boarded up, the theatre lies away from the main Villa, in a quiet spot in the park. It was built in the 19th century and seems to have been in disuse for quite some time.

Detail on Villa Mimbelli theatreDetail on Villa Mimbelli theatreThis is just one of many historical buildings in Livorno, that have been left to crumble away. Surely they could be made practicable again, and put to good public use... Pressure needed on Livorno Town Council.

Villa Mimbelli theatre

I remember seeing some shows, poetry readings, local bands at that theatre when I first came to Livorno, in 1993/94. They even served cocktails , wine and finger food. It seems impossible to imagine. I actually walked past there this afternoon and felt saddened by its abandoned state. I might have to do some research into it. Will keep you posted.


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