A Festival of Food

Broad Beans at the Sagra del Baccello in Salviano, LivornoBroad Beans at the Sagra del Baccello in Salviano, LivornoFood, of course, features high on the list of priorities in any Italian community, and no less so in Livorno. Italian food festivals known as sagre take place throughout the year all over the province of Livorno, celebrating particular local produce.

Livorno itself has a number of these, including the Sagra in honour of the broad bean - La Sagra del Baccello - in the spring, and others featuring mushrooms - La Sagra del Fungo -  and grapes - La Festa dell'Uva - in the autumn.

These local Italian festivals usually centre around a number of market stalls and all have at least one typical restaurant serving simple homecooked Italian dishes. They are an excellent excuse for a day or an evening out which inevitably ends up with something good to eat at an affordable price. There is often live music and dancing too (See the Livorno Now What’s On calendar for exact dates and venues).

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